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Here at BlueCard, we have established a middle ground for both owners and consumers where they can have peace of mind and satisfaction when selling or purchasing a product. BlueCard affiliated fixed price store owners offer consumers a special discount on their products. It doesn’t only ensure the consumers that they are getting the best deal without having to browse other stores, it also ensures their satisfaction and growing trust in the stores.


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Blue Card is a discount card which can be used to get different amounts of discount from over 1515 registered outlets of 41 categories within Dhaka City.
Our representatives are visiting all of the areas in Dhaka. If you get someone of them, you can get registered and get a card instantly. We also have 27 selling points throughout Dhaka City. The points are mentioned in our website. We can also send the card upto your home in your hands by courier service in which case you have to pay the delivery charge alongside the 200 taka which is the price of our card. Otherwise you can call us on 09 666 724 724 or send an email at customer@bluecardbd.com with your interest.
On your message option in your phone type "BLUE ON" followed by a space, then type in your 16 digit "CARD NUMBER" followed by a space, then type in your "NAME" and send it to 26969. Within 5 minutes you will receive a confirmation SMS telling that you are now a registered customer of BLUE CARD. Alongside you will also be getting a Play Store link to download our App.
After you have registered if you show your designated card to any of our contracted outlet owners you may enjoy the discount claimed by the owners. You may also use our app to avail discount. All you need is type in your phone number and the card number in the app. After that you dont even need to carry your card all the time. You may just show your card number on your phone in the app and the shop owner would allow discount.
We have the shop owners' signature in our official agreement which says that they are bound to provide discount if the customer is an authorized member of Blue Card. You can always check the scanned copies of our agreement papers displayed in our website.
The results of our survey shows that an average person at least spends 2,40,000 Taka annually on shopping and buying household stuffs. If you even get an average of 10% discount, you just might save about 20 to 24 Thousand Taka a year.

Get a card to get discount?

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